Atlas mountain hiking

Atlas is a chain of mountains located in Morocco whose summits are the highest in North Africa. The chain is subdivided into three main parts: the heigh Atlas , the medium Atlas and the bottom Atlas.

Mountain Sahara treks, is installed in a Moroccan village, called Imlil, near the summit of the mountain Toubkal. She organizes activities to these clients to discover the magic of these mountains, visit unforgettable places, also the lives of the people who live in these villages.

Mountain hiking

  • The Atlas mountain hike is a fantastic activity and full of adventures. Mountain hiking is designed for adventure and hiking enthusiasts.
  • Camel backpacking is an adorable activity for our guests, and is integrated into special programs for mountain hiking or desert hiking. We organize convoys of camels.
  • Mountain bike tours are organized for lovers of mountain bikes.
  • We dedicated the guest house Dar Mazik www.dar-mazik for rest and food.